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The Original Quinoa Dog Biscuit

Once upon a time there was a dog named Sherlock Holmes. He was a beloved big brother to two human boys, best friend second to none to the boys' mother and loyal companion to their father. He was such an essential part of this family; not one of its members could imagine a world without him. When he was diagnosed with an incurable intestinal disease they were devastated. Then, they happened upon a licensed veterinarian who also practiced holistic medicine. This alternative approach was radically different but it offered hope for their canine son's recovery where previously there had been none. Part of the new regimen featured a natural diet. Holmes' commercial dog food was replaced with raw lean meats, fresh vegetables and grains to name just a few of the items. He loved these home cooked meals, but there was something missing; his treats. Holmes was a treat connoisseur but unfortunately there did not appear to be a treat on the market that offered the nutrients his body craved with a taste his palate demanded. Finally, after much searching, the parents realized there was only one way to get a tasty, healthy treat that would compliment the natural diet their eldest son was thriving on and that was to make one themselves. So they did.          Our Story Photograph


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