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The Original Quinoa Dog Biscuit

Quinoa is one of the world's most perfect foods...

QUINOA (Chenopodium quinoa) is an annual herb that was originally cultivated by the Inca Empire in the Andes Mountains of South American at least 3000 years ago. The Inca's considered Quinoa, pronounced Keen-wa, a 'gift from the gods' and often referred to it as the 'mother grain'. Today, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization states that Quinoa is closer to the ideal protein balance than any other common grain, and is at least equal to milk in protein quality. Quinoa offers higher levels of phosphorous, calcium, iron, fiber, B-vitamins, vitamin E and energy than barley, oats, rice, corn or what and has a 93.7% RATING ON TOTAL DIGESTIBLE NUTRIENTS. Because it is GLUTEN-FREE, Quinoa offers canines with allergies to wheat and corn a nutritional and tasty alternative.

Isn't it time we shared it with our canine friends?

It is especially high in Lysine, an amino acid required by the body for proper calcium absorption, bone growth and formation of collagen which makes up cartilage and connective tissue. Adequate levels of Lysin in the body also assists in controlling fatigue, nausea, anemia, depression, hypoglycemia and depression and separation anxiety. Two additional amino acids available in Quinoa, both of which are ANTIOXIDANTS, are Methionine and Cysteine. Methionine helps prevent fat build up in the liver, genetic/metabolic diseases, assists in hair growth and is a neutralizer of toxins. Cysteine helps prevent hardening of the arteries, arthritis, cancer, metal toxicity, diabetes, cataracts and skin problems as well as promotes wound healing and stimulates the immune system.

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