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The Original Quinoa Dog Biscuit

Our Story Photograph Holmes bridged the gap between canine and human for me. He taught me that his survival was as dependent on nutritious, natural foods as my own. Through him I discovered that canines respond to supplements and vitamins much the same as humans. Holmes' body demanded top-notch nutrition to boost his immune system but his palate was the gatekeeper and it demanded good taste. It was his huge heart and rock solid love for his 'people' that inspired me to create this special treat. We both knew the moment I got it right. My kitchen smelled delightful. So delightful, in fact, that Holmes plopped down in front of my oven, his nose twitching just inches away from its glass window. He couldn't have said 'thank you' any sweeter.

Read on for more information on the quality ingredients used in every batch of our healthy, tasty treats.

For details on Quinoa, the main ingredient used in our organic dog biscuits.

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